he previously told reporters that he was

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he previously told reporters that he wasBrett Favre at Bears: Favre looked reborn last week against the Cardinals, throwing for a career best 446 yards and two touchdowns in a win over the Cardinals. But that was just his second good stat line of the year, and this week's matchup against the Bears fjallraven backpack is not favorable. Their defense has allowed an NFL low five touchdown passes..With Abdul Jabbar still around, UCLA was so good it was able to win 29 of 30 games while giving Wicks only enough time to average 7.5 points per game. As soon as Kareem cleared out, Wicks exploded for 18.6 points per game, first team All America honors and the Most Outstanding Player Award at the 1970 Final Four. Wicks was the player who bridged bulletproof backpacks the two year gap between Jabbar and Walton, allowing UCLA run of NCAA championships to reach five consecutive (on the way to seven).

he doesn't have garrett's athletic ability



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