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he save gettlemanIn 1984, several early sports laserdisc video games were released, including Universal's Top Lamar Jackson jersey in West Valley City Gear which featured 3D animated race car driving,[49] while Sega's GP World[50] and Taito's Laser Grand Prix[51] featured live action footage. Sega also produced a unique bullfighting game, Bull Fight,[52] and a multiple watersports game Water Match (published by Bally Midway), which included swimming, kayaking


and boat racing;[53] while Taito released a fully third person motorbike racing game Kick Start,[54] an early female sports game based on high school track field, The Undoukai,[55] and an early dirt track racing game Buggy Challenge, featuring a buggy.[56] Other early dirt racing games from that year were dirt bike games: Nintendo's Excitebike[57] and SNK's motocross game Jumping Cross.[58] Nintendo also released an early catchy button phrases four player racquet sport game, Vs. Tennis (the Nintendo Vs.
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